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Friday, 5 April 2013


Before i say anything , i would like you to check out some of these sucess stories from ebook sales.

eBook Success Story #1:
"Bert Ingley makes $360,000.00 per year selling his eBooks -- about video games!"
Not too long ago, Bert Ingley was going nowhere fast.
He was a struggling freelance web designer who spent all his free time playing video games and watching football on TV.
One night, after his web design business had gone "belly up," Bert decided to try something new...
"I was so tired of having an income that was based on how many work hours I could fit into a day!"
Bert combined his love of sports and video games and started selling an eBook on how to win at popular sporting video games, like video football, video basketball, etc.
And Bert's gamble has paid off -- big time! He's on track to earn over $360,000.00 this year -- almost doubling the $187,000.00 he made last year! (

eBook Success Story #2:
"Kelly Johns makes $1.2 MILLION per year -- thanks to his little $47 eBook!"*
Kelly Johns has built a $1.2 MILLION per year Internet empire -- using a very simple little $47 eBook, called "The Sports Formula."
See, Kelly uses his $47 eBook as a "lead generation" tool.
He gets customers "in the door" with a relatively low-priced item... and "upsells" them to a more comprehensive $997.00 package.
Says Kelly...
"The customers who buy my eBook also purchase $1,000's in other merchandise from us every year!"
Kelly uses his $47 eBook to attract buyers... build a relationship with them... and then upsell them to his more expensive products!!

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Wednesday, 19 December 2012


1)People use the Internet like they used to use the phone book.

  I used to tell small business owners that it didn't matter if they had a website if most of their business was local. But now almost everyone uses the Internet to get information - even local information. So be there or beware; people who are searching will find other local businesses rather than yours.

  2) A business website gives your business legitimacy.

  People expect businesses to have their own websites, just as they used to expect businesses to have a real physical business address. Not having a business website raises questions in customers eyes. Are you a technological naif? A stick-in-the-mud? Or such a shoestring startup that you can't even afford to do this? All things you don't want people thinking about your business!

 3) A business website gives you another marketing channel.

Having a business website gives you an automatic Internet presence. Think of it as a billboard on the 'Net. Instantly you have another chance to introduce people to your products and services and another way for people to find you. (Of course, how many eyes your billboard attracts will depend on your conscious marketing efforts to get people's attention, such as Search Engine Optimization, blogging, using social media, and online advertising.)

 4) A business website gives you another opportunity for data collection/lead generation.

 For instance, getting people to write their email addresses on pieces of paper and handing them in at a physical storefront is hard. But getting people to type their email address into a box on a website is much, much easier - especially if they perceive that they're getting something for it, such as a newsletter, a special report or an ebook. And once you have the email address, you have another way to reach your potential customer. So a business website is now like the business card - a must-have for any business.

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